普鲁夫 门窗填缝宝



PRUF sealant is a kind of cement-based bagged powder product.
Its main components include: high alumina cement, fine quartz sand, waterproof latex powder, expansion agentlmported thermal insulation polystyrene particles, water stabilizer, etc.
After mixing with water, the caulking powder becomes strong paste. The professional grouting machine is used to mix the door and window frame with the wallThe gap between them shall be filled with waterproof construction.
It takes the place of the traditional manual joint plugging rough technology, greatly improves the construction efficiency and quality, and effectively improves the quality The leakage of the gap of the gate and window and the prevention of the appearance of the cold and hot bridge.



Performance characteristics of PRUF door and window joint filler

Excellent impermeability; The impermeability grade is P6, which meets the requirements of anti leakage in the area with multiple rainwater.



Micro expansion; After the ordinary cement mortar is dry, it contracts and cracks, and the filling treasure is slightly expanded during the dry junction process, so as to prevent itCracked and cold and hot bridges.



Wide construction scope; It can meet the requirements of filling gaps in the width range of 0.2-15 cm, especially suitable for aluminumConcrete wall to be placed in formwork.



Mechanical construction; The construction speed is 4 times higher than that of traditional manual construction by mechanical injection.



Low comprehensive cost; The comprehensive cost of the joint filling treasure of doors and windows is far lower than that of the traditional technology cement mortar and waterproof materialThe comprehensive costof materials and materials is high because of the high cost of leakage maintenance in the later period.



填缝宝 — 门窗防渗系统解决方案

Joint sealant-solution of anti seepage system for doors and windows









·Equipment construction, reduce human factors, eliminate empty.
·Good fluidity, easy to fill the gap inside the window frame.
·It is especially suitable for small sewing.

·Five times the strength of cement mortar, easy to paste on a variety of materials, such as aluminum, concrete, brick, stone, glass.
·When impacted by external force, it does not crack and fall off, and increases the safety of doors and windows.

·Excellent ratio design,waterproof polymer composition provides good impermeability.
·Impermeability grade is not lower than P6(impermeability grade of C10 concrete is P2).


·Micro expansion characteristics,resistance to shrinkage,fuller joint filling.
·High bending ratio,not easy to break.

·Increase the water holding capacity of the joint filler,make the cement in the joint filler fully hydrated,and reduce the shrinkage cracking










By adding waterproof rubber powder, the flexibility of cement-based materials is improved, and the workability is good and easylt is suitable for construction and is not easy to produce holes.

A.Adding starch ether and wetting agent can increase the water holding effect of mortar and make it bond well with concrete surfaceGood.
B.The elastic modulus is improved by technical means to make it consistent with aluminum alloy.

A. Many kinds of expansion agents such as high alumina cement, anhydrous gypsum and alunite are added to make it work in different environments Stage compensation contraction.
B. The cold and hot bridge was controlled by adding elastic particles and vitrified beads.

A. Through reasonable material formula design, the material is more dense.
B. Increase the waterproof effect of the material by optimizing the waterproof agent.
C. During the construction, the sundries on the base course shall be cleaned up, and the base surface shall be wetted with water before joint filling.


Technical scheme of door and window seam filling system









A. Clean up the concrete chips, wood chips, dust, oil and other pollutants thoroughly.
B. Cracks in the wall must be repaired.
C. Cleanthe concrete slag, debris and other garbage around the window frame with water gun or brush.
D. Wet the wall with clean water, and there shall be no open water.

A. Water ratio: caulking: water=1:0.33; Add 6.6 liters of water to a 20kg bag of caulking.
B. In strict accordance with the proportion of water, first pour clean water into the empty bucket, and then pour the powder while stirring, stirring The best way to make a paste is to fold and stack for 1 minute without sinking, and to ensure that it is stirred evenly and then allowed to stand for 2 minutesAfter that, the construction can be started.

A. Inhale the mixing filler into the caulking gun and insert the nozzle as deep as possible, Make the corners of the window joints filled with mortar as much as possible without gaps.
B. The filling order is from bottom to top.
C. After filling, smooth the gap with putty knife to make the gap surface smooth, Make sure there is no gap.

A. Timely use a brush to clean the caulking paste on the surface of the window frame.
B. Remove the redundant caulking on the floor or wall.
C. It is possible to get wet by rain or freeze in winter or get direct sunlight in summerlf necessary, it should be covered with a film for maintenance.


construction process


【现场清理/Site clearance】


【填缝压实/Joint filling and compaction】


【加水比例/Water ratio】


【废料处理/Waste disposal】

· It is not allowed to change the design water consumption at will, and more water will cause cracking.
· It is suggested that the site should be equipped with special containers for measuring water, such as measuring barrels or empty 2L Coke bottles.
· In strict accordance with the "joint filler: water e20kg:6.6kg"ratio.


· The joint filler mixed with water must be used within 40 minutes.
· The dried caulking treasure can't be mixed with water and reused, it can only be treated as waste.
· The use of scrap can cause serious cracking.

· Before filling the joint, the dust, garbage, oil and debris on the base surface of the joint must be thoroughly removed; in case To reduce the adhesive force of the joint filler.
· It is recommended to wash with clean water in advance; The construction starts when there is no open water at the bottom of the window.

·The joint filling process must be dense,especially at the buckle and corner.
·When the joint filling is completed,press the joint filler with a spatula to make it dense and close the joint roughly.
·About 30 minutes after the completion of the work,put on gloves and squeeze the edge to close.


Matters needing attention 

PRUF door and window joint filler